Composite Tutorial

Length: 5 minutes
Watch and listen to lesson two: The Composite Tutorial

Reccommended tools or gear:

Written Instructions:

  1. Open Newborn Digital Backdrop File in Photoshop
  2. Open general image of baby in Photoshop
  3. Use move tool to drag the baby image onto the digital backdrop image. This will create a new image layer inside the file of the digital backdrop
  4. Transform (Command + T) the image of the baby layer and drag the corner to fit in the area of the digital backdrop behind it
  5. Hit return to save transformation of layer
  6. Change the opacity of the baby layer to see how big or small the baby needs to be. Try 50% opacity as a start
  7. Repeat steps 4-5 to size and adjust the baby on the digital backdrop
  8. Return the opacity of the baby image layer back to 100%
  9. Make a layer mask on the baby layer by clicking the mask icon
  10. Invert the mask by filling the mask layer with 100% black. Do so by using the paint bucket tool
  11. Click the paint brush tool with white selected at 100% opacity
  12. Ensure the layer mask is still active by clicking the layer mask and begin to paint in the baby on the canvas