Getting Started

Length: 4 minutes
Watch and listen to lesson one: Getting Started

Reccommended tools or gear:

  • DSLR Camera like a Cannon
  • Einstein E640 with CyberSync Trigger/transmitter OR natural window light
  • Reflector
  • Baby holder: bucket, large bowl, dog bed, ect.
  • Padding for the holder (towel, blanket)
  • Colored or white styled blanket
  • Baby burp cloths
  • Baby bonnets, hats & props

Written Instructions:

  1. Setup your light (studio or window) on the left of the baby/subject
  2. Bring light source (window or studio light) close to the ground as possiblle with babies head at the top and feet toward the camera. The light should be pointed down the nose (NOT UP THE NOSE).
  3. Optionally position a reflector on the opposite side of the light source to reflect light back onto the baby
  4. Setup a bucket, bowl, dog bed ect. with towel, blankets or props to style as needed. Bean bag is not ideal.
  5. Use burp cloths as wegdes to position babys head underneath the blanket props.
  6. Setup your camera settings for low-grain: ISO 100-160 at F3.2-3.5
  7. Keep feet out of the frame and shoot straight down onto baby
  8. Focus on the eyes for perfect focus
  9. Use props on the baby to give a variety of styles and looks in the final images.